Self-limiting beliefs

by stacey on December 25, 2015


Self-limiting beliefs

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Self-limiting beliefs are freaking powerful. I mean, if you don’t think you can do something then there’s a really strong chance that you’re gonna see those beliefs grow to fruition and not be able to do “it” (whatever “it” is). Let me tell you a story…

Beliefs and self-limiting beliefs. Before the power of self-limiting beliefs, I was a very optimistic, outgoing, bright, and sunny child. As I grew older in age, I realized that many people were inviting (okay demanding) me to shut up and sit down. After a while, I learned to dim my enthusiasm but my passion still burned brightly inside. I have spent much of my life, if not all, feeling confused as to why my opinions, beliefs, and views were unwelcome or deemed irrelevant by a few key people in my life. Report cards, performance evaluations, criticism on the job, and general comments left me with a huge feeling of inadequacy and that I was simply not enough. That’s a difficult position to be in. Enter Self-limiting beliefs.


Circa 1977

Over time, I grew to discern when to let my freak flag fly but generally tried to keep it under wraps or, at a minimum; at half-mast. A couple of years ago I took a HUGE leap of faith and quit my steady full-time income and went full-time commission with Beachbody. The thought of spending my life helping others find their path with financial health, wellness, physical health, and nutrition was a Sirens’ Song to me. I took a leap of faith knowing I’d grow wings on the way


Once I took that leap, paralysis set in and I lost my voice and I was overwhelmed by self-limiting beliefs. I froze. I panicked. I bailed on my fitness, my nutrition, my own financial health, and deemed my goals and visions to be too lofty. As the weight crept on and the debt grew deeper my self-confidence plummeted and the self-limiting beliefs took over. I found that what I perceived others thought of me mattered more than what I believed in me. I abandoned my love of all things fun and exchanged it for processes and systems. I left my proven land of “Just Be You” and moved into the territory of “You’re Doing It Wrong.” Wow. That sucked.

I internalized so much that I made myself physically ill. I’ve been vomiting, nauseated, skipping meals, extremely self-critical to the point of bailing on the mere thought of keeping my body in shape as it’s not going to work anyway as I’ll just quit it like I quit everything else. I’ve neglected my business even more that I’ve neglected my physical well-being.

“Self-limiting beliefs are freaking powerful. I mean, if you don’t think you can do something then there’s a really strong chance that you’re gonna see that to fruition and not be able to do “it” (whatever “it” is).”

unicorns rule

symbol of purity and grace

It has taken a lot of WORK but I am ready. I’m ready to resume ME and let my freak flag fly at full mast and let go of whatever I think you’re thinking of me (did ya follow that?). Why? Cuz I’m uniquely gifted by God and I’m dishonoring Him by injecting my human thinking into His master plan. No matter how hard I work at mastering processes and systems it will never be my gifting. I understand that I want to be proficient in certain processes but am in agreement with myself to let it go and simply be me. Simply. Be. Me.

How ‘bout you? Can you relate? If yes—then we have to connect. Comment below or message me. Let’s make 2016 OUR year to ROAR.

I am enough

I am enough

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Kathryn Phillips December 26, 2015 at 7:10 pm

Love, love, love this!! I am an admirer from the time i met you at bikram yoga. I so relate to everything you post -although I am mych older! I too have 2 boys, divorced, remarried, body image struggles gallore. You go, Stacy!!! 2016 is yours!!


stacey December 29, 2015 at 10:40 am

Oh thank you so much for the cheer leading!!!! I love love LOVE it!


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