Critic, Coach or Cheerleader

by stacey on May 29, 2013

I was rocking out to Body Beast: Bulk Chest this morning and was thinking of you and this message so I figured God wanted me to share it…here we go.

We’ve all got voices in our heads (some more than others and you’ll probably actually hear me conversing with mine but I digress) and I want to talk about a couple of them for a moment. My therapist gave me this tool years ago and I love it and wanted to share with you in case it blesses you. If you pay any attention to me at all, you know that I know that who we are begins with what we think.

Your thoughts become words that you tell yourself…your mouth speaks them…your feet hear them and then follow them. You are, in fact, what you think.

Which of the 3 voices you listen to is extremely important as to how you feel about yourself and in turn treat others. The critic is picky and never satisfied. The critic will find fault in all and is very vocal about their findings. The cheerleader thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread and can’t say enough nice things about you. The cheerleader RAVES about your awesomeness and tells the world. The coach is in between the two–finding what you did well, sharing an opportunity for improvement, then swatting you on the butt and sending you back onto the field.

Which voice you listen to is your choice.

Yes, you read that correctly. YOU choose which one you listen to and how much time and real estate you give them in your mind. Choose wisely.

Do me a favor, would you? Please post a question for me in the area of fitness or nutrition. Something you’re struggling with or need help with and I’ll see if I can answer you or support you. I figure maybe you’re looking for a cheerleader? Give me a legit question and I’ll put your name in for a drawing of a cool prize. That’s cool, right? Drawing will be done on or around 6/1/13. You know I love to hear from you so…let me see if I can help you in return.

Have a blessed day!

Stacey Hanna

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