I talk to myself. A lot.

by stacey on August 23, 2015

Talk to myself 2015

I talk to myself. A lot. Maybe I’m alone in this (and am okay with that if it’s indeed true) but … maybe…just maybe; you will relate? I talk to myself. A lot. This

Talk to myself 1975

Talk to myself 1975

morning I’m out mowing the lawn and my current version of me is telling my younger version of me what I coulda shoulda woulda done for a better today. Stuff like I should have made different financial choices. Romantic choices. Been more responsible with my time. Held out for a higher starting salary. Etc. Etc. Etc. Ad nauseam etc. This is a fairly typical dialogue in my mind and there are many moments in hindsight where the critic dominates the cheerleader.


I talk to myself 1977

I talk to myself. A lot. I’m in my backyard mowing along, rocking out to my iPod playlist from 3 years ago when, seemingly outta nowhere, the younger me finally FOUGHT BACK. The younger version of me said that I should have taken more risks than I did. Loved more deeply. Spoken from my heart more. Trusted others more to allow for a deeper rooted relationships and friendships that maybe coulda shoulda woulda lasted longer.

Me circa 2011 with the Things

I talk to myself 2011


Then my future version of me chimed in. I know, I know, I know …  You’re thinking I cannot possibly know what the future version of me would say to myself but I believe I do. I talk to myself. A lot. And I know where my heart was, where it wanted to go, where it is, where it is presently going, and where it wants to go. I know that I am not where I wanted to be in certain aspects of my life and yet in other areas I’ve surpassed my expectations.


My point? Making mistakes isn’t typically a fatal maneuver. Choosing Door #3 over Door #1 is not necessarily a life sentence to doom and gloom but it can be if you allow yourself to spend your time looking in your life’s rear view mirror. Allow me to encourage you to have a healthy conversation with yourself and make peace with past choices every time you’re offered the opportunity AND THEN STAY IN THE FIGHT for the life you want. The life you know God intended for you. We are not here to judge — that is His job — we’re here to follow His word, submit, and obey.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Judge less. Accept more (yourself included). And just keep swimming.


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